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Soil from the Green Life Soil Co is great!
  • Eco-wet 1L

    Eco-wet 1L

    Produced in WA, this environmentally friendly soil wetter is suitable for use in home gardens and lawns.

    Over time, the natural process of microbes breaking down organic matter in soil can deposit a wax-like coating on sand particles that prevents them from holding onto water, meaning water will puddle and run off, rather than soak into the soil profile.  This is what we refer to as 'water repellency' and is a widespread problem in our sandy Perth soils over summer.

    Eco-wet contains certified organic polymers and humic acid which help to increase wet-ability and improve soil structure.  Not harmful to microbial life (as some detergent based soil wetting products are).

    1L will treat up to 200m2.

    Ideally, use a soil wetting product on existing garden beds, prior to applying a good layer of mulch to help keep moisture in the soil.  
    For creating new garden beds, we recommend incorporating a clay product (like our Sand Remedy) for a longer term solution.

    Price: $23.10

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