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for sustainable living

Live a greener lifestyle with these fantastic products for your home, your family & pets.  

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Live a greener lifestyle with these fantastic products for your home, your family & pets.  

  • Shampoo Bars

    Shampoo Bars

    Shampoo bars are awesome!  We tried them and loved them so much we had to bring them to you.

    Each bar will replace about SIX plastic bottles of shampoo/conditioner - so you'll be saving the planet AND saving money! so swap to SWAP (shampoo with a purpose - clever, huh?) today!

    There are four 'flavours' of shampoo bar to choose from - please select your preferred option and let us know in the 'delivery notes' section of your order.  Choose between:-

    • OG (The original) suitable for all hair types

    • Colour treated hair

    • Volume for fine hair

    • Dry/Damaged for some extra TLC

    SWAP only use the best, natural, non-harmful, components in their bars, to make sure you've got clean hair AND conscience!

    Here's a list of things they DON'T use:-
    No Sulphates
    No Synthetic Fragrances
    No Animal Derivatives
    No Harsh Chemicals
    No Propylene Glycol
    No Artificial Colours
    No Triethanolamine
    No EDTA
    No Parabens
    No Harsh Detergents
    No Animal Testing
    No Palm Oil
    No Packaging Waste

    SWAP are the first and only company to process shampoo/conditioner bars on triple-milling, commercial machinery. Our unique manufacture process has made one of our bars worth up to 6 bottles of shampoo and conditioner and ensures that they hold their integrity in the shower. No mush!

    How do I use the bar?
    Work the bar through your hair and it will lather up beautifully in seconds. We recommend using it with your existing conditioner and then slowly cutting down to just using the bar (some people will need a transition period and others will not) - this will help to detox your hair from bottled and/or unnatural product. It’s a combination of shampoo AND conditioner and you can use it as a standalone but some hair-types will need to adjust. The bar does not contain any soap so it will not dry and tangle your hair the same way a bar of soap or shampoo on its own will.
    Don’t forget that you can use the bar on your whole body as well, making it so easy to get in and out of the shower in a flash, without compromising on quality.

    Ingredients list (used in all bars):

    GUAR GUM -
    This is a thickener from the seed of the guar plant, guar plants are legumes. Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride is an organic compound that is a water-soluble, quaternary ammonium-derivative of guar gum. It gives conditioning properties to shampoos and after-shampoo hair care products. Outside of our usage, it's widely used in natural healthcare because of the fabulous ingestible properties and other cosmetics as a thickening agent.

    This is a surfactant alternative to sulphate. It imparts lather into shampoo and serves perfectly as a cleaning agent. It is a sodium salt ester or a fatty acid made from coconut oil. You can't find any surfactant that is milder or safer than this one!

    THIS IS NOT PALM DERIVED! This is 100% naturally-derived from rapeseed and soybean (canola) and is a great natural humectant (draws moisture to itself). It's a remarkable moisturiser for the skin and hair and will protect the scalp. Its thick viscosity makes it a fabulous frizz-killer and curl-definer. In large and non-diluted doses this can strip colour from the hair but at the balance we use, you won't see that effect.

    This may have a similar-looking name but it's not a sulphate, we are really proud to call our bars sulphate-free! This is a great alternative to Sodium Sulfate (SLS and SLES, which are suspected carcinogens). It gives a rich lather to the bar without the possibility of skin irritation which can come with SLS and SLES. This product is derived from coconut oil, and conforms to Ecocert's natural and organic cosmetic standard and is 100% of natural origin. It's a high-performing foaming agent that gives your hair the cleansing that it needs!

    The OG also contains-
    Natural Coconut Fragrance, Moroccan Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil), Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii)

    Price: $15.00

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