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Seeds and Seedlings

Seeds, Seedlings and Herbs: Are you looking for Organic Seeds, Organic Vegetable Seedlings and Organic Herbs?

Organic growers all over Perth seem to be!

What's the difference between conventional and organic?

Most commercial seedlings are varieties which have been developed for yield or keeping qualities (no commercial grower wants a tomato that squishes on it's way to the shop!) So in some cases, flavour has been sacrificed along the way. In addition, many commercial varieties are sterile hybrids, which means that they do not produce viable seed.

The old fashioned, or non-hybrid, open pollinated varieties are all capable of producing viable seed - so you can save seeds from your best plants to grow again next season! Growers all over the world that have keep the seed saving tradition alive are helping to preserve biodiversity rather than mankind's reliance on a few specific varieties.

In addition, many commercial seeds are chemically treated for improved storage and keeping. Seedlings and herbs are treated with pesticides and fungicides if conventionally grown.

For some growers, once the seeds or seedlings are in their garden - they are then grown organically and they have no problem considering the produce as organic.

Other growers are dedicated purists and like to keep the entire process chemical free.

Whichever category you would identify with, we are sure you will agree that the taste and freshness of growing your own produce in your own backyard is one of life's special pleasures!

Non-Hybrid Seeds
We stock a large range of Eden, The Greenhouse, and some Select Organic Seeds. Whilst most seed is not Certified Organic, they are all heritage varieties and are not chemically treated. None are genetically engineered. Suppliers claim to source as much of their seed as possible from organic or biodynamic sources.  

Unfortunately, some quarantine restrictions apply to particular varieties and untreated seed coming into WA.  This is regrettable but understandable - and important in stopping the spread of disease to new regions.

Vegetable Seedlings
Grown locally in Perth, we stock "The Greenhouse" range of organic vegetable seedlings.

Also sourced from Perth growers, we carry a range of culinary, medicinal and companion herbs. Some of these are Certified Organic.

Green Manure Seed Packs
We stock Green Manure Seed packs - a variety of quick growing, nitrogen fixing seeds that are grown and slashed before they go to seed in order to produce green mulch and add organic matter to the soil.  See our Green Manure fact sheet for details.

Seed Potatoes
We carry organic seed potatoes (sourced from a BFA certified Manjimup producer) certain times of year.  Unfortunately, choice of varieties we are able to obtain in WA is quite limited.
See our fact sheet for tips on growing potatoes.

Other useful products to help you get growing!
We make our own Seed Raising Mix, Potting Mix and Vegie Soils.  Our soils for food growing are all Certified Organic & are high quality mixes designed for Perth's conditions.

Organic growers also find our range of Pest Control, Fertilisers and Minerals very useful. At The Green Life Soil Co., we only stock products that are Certified Organic or are allowable imputs for organic growing.

Please note! Our stock of All Seeds, Vegetable Seedlings, Herbs and other plants varies with seasonal availability (which is why our full range is unable to be presented on-line).

If you are organising a delivery and would like to add seeds or seedlings - please give us a call.  One of our team will be able to check availabilty, process the payment for your additional requirements, and get them out with your other garden goodies.

See our 'What to grow when' Fact Sheet for useful planting information.  Also for tips on growing from seed, see our fact sheet here.

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