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Hot Piles - Serious Composting for the Home Gardener!

Event Date:  10-Jun-2017
Capacity:      25 (60% booked)

About this event:

This course is designed for gardeners who are keen to improve their own compost or learn the techniques to consistently produce a top quality thermophilic compost.

The workshop will be in two parts; the first part is theory, the second part will be practical construction of a thermodynamic pile. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and the possibility of picking up a few prizes along the way. Attendees are welcome to get stuck in during the construction phase.

What will be covered in this workshop:

• What is a thermophylic (hot) compost.
• The advantages of hot composting
• What ingredients can be used and what not to put in the compost.
• The tools we need and how to use them
• Temperature, moisture and air control
• Testing the finished product
• How and when to apply it
• Problem piles and tricks and tips in dealing with them.
• How to extend the life of your compost.
• How to tailor your compost to the plants you grow.

If you're interested in also attending the Compost Tea workshop (25th June) 'Hot Piles' will give you a great place to start!

Time:  1.00 - 3.30pm approx, Saturday, 10th June

Venue: The Green Life Soil Co, 178 Farrall Road, Midvale

Cost: $39.00

About the Presenter:

The workshop will be run by Haydn Gunningham of Soil Amendment Products. He describes himself as an “Out of control Gardener” and is fanatical about compost. His claim to fame is that he believes that over the past ten years he has made every mistake you can make when making compost and a few more besides.

Haydn’s key focus is to sustainably grow nutrient dense food. Compost and compost tea has featured strongly in this quest. The compost quality produced via the methods to be demonstrated is perfectly suited to making aerated compost tea (which will be featured in another workshop on Saturday 25th June).

Both workshops follow the principles of the world renowned soil microbiologist, Dr Elaine Ingham.

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